DA No. 12, s. 2024Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2024/06/112024-06-11 06:02:10
DA No. 11, s. 2024Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2024/05/222024-05-22 06:58:35
DA No. 10, s. 2024An Invitation for a Free Seminar-Workshop of Pambansang Samahan ng Mga Propesyunal sa Pilipinas2024/05/222024-05-22 06:57:00
AdvisoryDepEd Bohol Officials2024/05/222024-05-22 04:03:21
DA-2024-09Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2024/04/292024-04-29 07:21:21
DA No. 08, s. 2024Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2024/04/172024-04-17 01:46:55
DA No. 07, s. 2024KaKaSa Ka Ba? 20242024/03/262024-03-26 06:29:53
DA No. 06, s. 2024Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2024/03/072024-03-07 02:56:47
DA No. 05, s. 2024General Membership Meeting2024/02/232024-02-23 03:56:20
DA No. 004, s. 2024Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2024/02/162024-02-16 01:53:30
DA No. 003, s. 2024Sabay Dancesports Workshop2024/02/152024-02-15 02:00:49
DA No. 002, s. 2024Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2024/01/182024-01-18 02:30:44
DA No. 001, s. 2024Invitation to Student Catholic Action (SCA) Units to Join the Students, Chaplain, and Animators Formation …2024/01/092024-01-09 08:30:45
DA No. 154, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2024/01/032024-01-03 01:29:03
DM No. 153, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2024/01/032024-01-03 01:27:29
DA No. 152, s. 2023Approved-Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2024/01/032024-01-03 01:25:35
DA No. 150, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/12/132023-12-13 08:46:33
DA No. 149, s. 2023Approved-Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/12/132023-12-13 08:45:19
DA No. 148, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/12/112023-12-11 02:47:15
DA No. 147, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/12/072023-12-07 07:36:57
DA No. 146, s. 2023Invitation to the Inter-High School Cultural-Academic Competition-Bohol Wisdom School Inc.2023/12/072023-12-07 05:29:25
DA No. 145, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/12/062023-12-06 07:43:08
DA No. 144, s. 2023Invitation for Class 2028 MAAP Entrance Examination2023/12/062023-12-06 02:44:10
DA No. 143, s. 2023Approved-Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/11/292023-11-29 00:08:26
DA No. 142, s. 2023Announcement from Bohol Island State University (BISU)2023/11/162023-11-16 03:11:26
DA No. 141, s. 2023JSL Education Resources2023/10/252023-10-25 02:25:55
DA No. 140, s. 2023Southwestern University PHINMA2023/10/182023-10-18 02:09:06
DA No. 139, s. 2023Gracious Book Trading Supplementary Learning Materials2023/10/182023-10-18 02:07:52
DA No. 138, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/09/282023-09-28 08:09:26
DA No. 137, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/09/222023-09-22 07:46:10
DA No. 136, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/09/222023-09-22 07:44:17
DA No. 135, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/09/212023-09-21 06:11:31
DA No. 134, s. 2023Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/09/212023-09-21 06:04:50
DA No. 133, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF) for Reclassification of Position2023/09/012023-09-01 07:51:25
DA No. 132, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position2023/08/312023-08-31 01:35:59
DA No. 131, s. 2023Regional Sci-Math Battle 20232023/08/312023-08-31 01:34:39
DA No. 130, s. 2023Approved Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position2023/08/292023-08-29 06:33:08
DA No. 129, s. 2023Approved Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position2023/08/252023-08-25 08:12:54
DA No. 128, s. 2023Approved Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position2023/08/222023-08-22 08:01:36
DA No. 127, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position2023/08/182023-08-18 04:58:21
DA No. 126, s. 2023Moral Values Formation Seminar for Public School Teachers, Parents and Senior High School2023/08/172023-08-17 08:29:54
DA No. 125, s. 2023Approved Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Positions2023/08/162023-08-16 02:58:29
DA No. 124, s. 2023Approved Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Positions2023/08/082023-08-08 05:18:15
DA No. 123, s. 2023Approved Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position2023/08/072023-08-07 05:21:29
DA No. 122, s. 2023Approved Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position2023/08/072023-08-07 05:17:09
DA No. 121, s. 2023Philippine Christian University Extension Program2023/07/282023-07-28 02:04:24
DA No. 120, s. 2023Mobile Educational Event on Climate Change2023/07/282023-07-28 02:03:19
DA No. 119, s. 2023Casa College Study and Work Program2023/07/282023-07-28 02:01:02
DA No. 118, s. 2023Research Publication Invitation from the International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education Research and Innovation2023/07/282023-07-28 01:54:42
DA No. 117, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/07/272023-07-27 09:34:16
DA No. 116, s. 202312th Annual Postgraduate Course “IM Evolution: Decoding the Secrets”2023/07/272023-07-27 01:40:39
DA No. 115, s. 2023Approved Reclassification of Position2023/07/242023-07-24 08:01:13
DA No. 114, s. 2023Approved Reclassification for Position ERF2023/07/242023-07-24 07:59:21
DA No. 113, s. 2023Approved-Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/07/212023-07-21 02:52:17
DA No. 112, s. 2023Gestalt Neuropsychological & Psychological Services – Bohol2023/07/132023-07-13 01:41:27
DA No. 111, s. 202322nd Philippine Robotics Olympiad 20232023/07/072023-07-07 09:00:11
DA No. 110, s. 20232023 Sandugo Chess Festival2023/06/272023-06-27 07:00:26
DA No. 109, s. 2023Approved-Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/06/262023-06-26 00:59:39
MLA-2023-106Special Meeting for Senior Bookkeepers of New Implementing Schools2023/06/262023-06-26 00:56:07
DA No. 108, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/06/222023-06-22 08:11:31
DA No. 107, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/06/222023-06-22 08:10:14
DA No. 106, s. 20231st Math2Shine International Vedic Math Olympiad2023/06/062023-06-06 04:54:25
DA No. 105, s. 2023ETCOR’s “Series of International Research Capability-Building Seminar-Workshop cum International Research Conference/Paper Presentations”2023/06/062023-06-06 00:57:24
DA No. 104, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/06/052023-06-05 01:39:11
DA No. 103, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/06/052023-06-05 01:37:41
DA No. 102, s. 2023Approved Equivalent Record Form (ERF) for Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/05/292023-05-29 08:53:21
DA No. 101, s. 2023Approved-Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/05/262023-05-26 08:51:05
DA No. 100, s. 2023Approved-Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/05/262023-05-26 08:49:53
DA No. 099, s. 2023Approved-Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/05/232023-05-23 02:18:06
DA No. 098, s. 2023Approved-Equivalent Record Form (ERF) for Reclassification of Position2023/05/232023-05-23 02:16:56
DA No. 097, 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/05/172023-05-17 03:12:31
DA No. 096, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/05/172023-05-17 03:11:35
DA No. 095, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/05/172023-05-17 03:09:49
DA No. 094, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/05/102023-05-10 08:55:45
DA No. 093, s. 2023Search for Ambassador Antonio L. Cabangon Chua Gintong Parangal Para sa Edukasyon Awardees2023/05/092023-05-09 05:58:19
DA No. 092, s. 2023International Seminar-Workshop on Strategic Leadership and Management for Human Resource Professionals in Education Settings2023/05/082023-05-08 05:37:07
DA No. 091, s. 2023Christian Values Sessions From Philippine Values Education Program Inc.2023/05/022023-05-02 02:56:55
DA No. 090, s. 2023International and National Training Programs for Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel2023/05/022023-05-02 00:33:14
DA No. 089, s. 2023National Research Conference on Business, Education and Technology (NRCBET)2023/04/192023-04-19 08:34:08
DA No. 088, s. 2023Tara na sa Davao City (Advanced Baseline Research and Impact Analysis In-Depth Training Workshop) (Davao …2023/04/192023-04-19 07:24:01
DA No. 087, s. 2023COPE Caravan 20232023/04/182023-04-18 06:52:31
DA No. 086, s. 2023IKIRU Wellness Hub-Health Awareness2023/04/182023-04-18 06:49:33
DA No. 085, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/04/182023-04-18 06:30:28
DA No. 084, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/04/172023-04-17 08:05:00
DA No. 083, s. 2023National Geography Challenge 2023 (NGC 2023)2023/04/132023-04-13 00:39:31
DA No. 082, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/04/052023-04-05 03:22:48
DA No. 081, s. 2023Free Melodica Training/Seminar for Public School Teachers2023/04/052023-04-05 03:21:15
DA No. 080, s. 2023DLSU International Social Sciences Conference2023/04/052023-04-05 03:19:51
NoticeExecutive Committee and Working Committee Chairmen2023/04/042023-04-04 08:17:22
DA No. 079, s. 2023Sining sa Eskwela (SSE) Regional Workshop2023/04/032023-04-03 06:03:45
DA No. 078, s. 2023National Conference Workshop for Elementary and Secondary Teachers on Culture and Arts Education2023/04/032023-04-03 06:02:38
DA No. 077, s. 2023Music Education Workshop2023/04/032023-04-03 06:00:24
DA No. 076, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/04/032023-04-03 05:59:16
DA No. 075, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/04/032023-04-03 05:57:56
DA No. 074, s. 2023Research Writing, Sampling Techniques and Statistical Analysis In-Depth Seminar Workshop2023/03/312023-03-31 02:59:49
DA No. 073, s. 20234th IPOPHL-DSLU IP and Innovation Research2023/03/312023-03-31 02:57:46
DA No. 072, s. 2023Dakilang Pilipino Award2023/03/292023-03-29 06:46:06
DA No. 071, s. 2023Call for Submission of Entries for the Zayed Sustainable Prize2023/03/282023-03-28 01:28:33
DA No. 070, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/03/272023-03-27 07:52:50
DA No. 069, s. 202310th National Geology Congress2023/03/272023-03-27 02:30:40
DA No. 068, s. 2023Meet Your Scientist: Empowering Women and Girls for Science2023/03/232023-03-23 02:16:46
DA No. 067, s. 20233rd Luminary Excellence in Education and Research Awards (LEERA)2023/03/232023-03-23 01:03:30
DA No. 066, s. 2023Invitation for Online Public Training2023/03/222023-03-22 08:45:58
DA No. 065, s. 2023SUMMERCON 20232023/03/222023-03-22 08:41:26
DA No. 064, s. 2023Approved-Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/03/222023-03-22 06:10:45
DA No. 063, s. 2023PISIKAalaman 2023 FAQs2023/03/222023-03-22 03:26:11
DA No. 062, s. 2023Moral Recovery Program2023/03/222023-03-22 03:10:42
DA No. 061, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/03/212023-03-21 01:40:39
DA No. 060, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/03/212023-03-21 01:39:27
DA No. 059, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/03/202023-03-20 08:36:07
DA No. 058, s. 2023Equivalent Record Form (ERF) Reclassification of Position for Implementation2023/03/202023-03-20 08:34:28
DA No. 057, s. 2023Inter-High School Science Quiz Bowl 20232023/03/202023-03-20 05:17:44
DA No. 056, s. 2023PAFTE 7 Regional Assembly2023/03/152023-03-15 00:47:45
DA No. 055, s. 2023Online National Environmental Science Quiz2023/03/102023-03-10 03:11:50
DA No. 054, s. 2023Abrasahan 20232023/03/102023-03-10 03:05:10
DA No. 053, s. 2023Sipnayan 2032023/03/102023-03-10 03:02:13
DA No. 052, s. 2023Econ No-Mix2023/03/092023-03-09 09:36:51
DA No. 051, s. 20232nd National and International Webinar Module-Based and Video-On-Demand Activities in Teaching, Leadership and Skills Training …2023/03/092023-03-09 09:32:56
DA No. 050, s. 2023Congratulatory Advisory for Basic Education Research Fund (BERF) Grantees of DepEd Region VII for the …2023/03/092023-03-09 09:27:23
DA No. 049, s. 20233rd International Conference (DOST SEI Project Star)2023/03/092023-03-09 09:21:29
DA No. 048, s. 2023NEAP-Recognized Programs for School Heads and Teachers2023/03/092023-03-09 09:19:21
DA No. 047, s. 2023National Transformation Program-Presidential Proclamation No. 62, The Moral Recovery Program2023/03/092023-03-09 09:16:36
DA No. 046, s. 2023International Online Conferences and Demonstration Teaching Festival2023/03/092023-03-09 09:11:50
DA No. 045, s. 2023Magister Servus April to December 2023 Four Days NEAP-Recognized Virtual Programs for School Heads, School …2023/03/092023-03-09 09:04:22
DA No. 044, s. 2023International Seminar Workshop on Continuous Building of Competence for Non-Teaching Personnel2023/03/092023-03-09 08:47:55
DA No. 043, s. 2023International Webinar-Workshop in English: ” Education 5.0 in the Globalization of English and Culture”2023/03/092023-03-09 08:36:38
DA No. 042, s. 2023Living Values Education Online Distance Course/Training2023/03/082023-03-08 03:42:36
DA No. 041, s. 2023Statesmanship Summit III2023/03/082023-03-08 03:37:46
DA No. 040, s. 202319th National Science and Math Quiz2023/03/072023-03-07 05:50:43
DA No. 039, s. 2023Annual Geology Summit2023/03/062023-03-06 08:47:34
DA No. 038, s. 2023Approved – Equivalent Record Form (ERF)2023/03/062023-03-06 08:08:52
DA No. 037, s. 2023Invitation for Philippine Leaders and Achievers Awards Organized by International Organization of Educators and Researchers, …2023/03/062023-03-06 06:22:46
DA No. 036, s. 2023Information Dissemination Re: Cristal e-College 2023 Summer Interschool Skills Challenge Competition2023/03/062023-03-06 02:22:03
DA No. 035, s. 2023PISIKAALAMAN 20232023/03/042023-03-04 12:32:15
DA No. 034, s. 2023Reclassification of Position2023/03/042023-03-04 12:22:57
DA No. 033, s. 20233rd MATH-INIC VEDIC Mathematics National Challenge2023/03/032023-03-03 06:27:56
DA No. 032, s. 2023Young Women in Public Affairs (YWMPA) Scholarship2023/02/272023-02-27 07:16:33
DA No. 031, s. 2023MCIA Group, Inc.2023/02/272023-02-27 07:14:15
DA No. 030, s. 20232023 Upgrade on Coaching Education Thru Online Seminar-Invitation for World Coaching License and Diploma2023/02/272023-02-27 07:08:09
DA No. 029, s. 20232023 PSRTI Regular Face-to-Face and Online Training Course Offerings2023/02/272023-02-27 07:03:37
DA No. 028, s. 2023KWF Onlayn Dap-ayan2023/02/272023-02-27 06:55:00
DA No. 027, s. 2023Data Storytelling and Visualization using Spreadsheet In-depth Training Workshop2023/02/272023-02-27 06:51:02
DA No. 026, s. 20232023 International Training and Seminar for Teachers and School Administrators2023/02/272023-02-27 06:43:31
DA No. 025, s. 2023Search for Outstanding Global Leaders and Educators Awards (GLEA) 2023 – Huwarang Guro 20232023/02/272023-02-27 06:39:27
DA No. 024, s. 20232nd National Gawad Tamaraw: Search for Outstanding Teachers and Master Teachers 20232023/02/272023-02-27 02:49:05
DA No. 023, s. 2023Information Dissemination on the Admission Schedule, Requirements and Process of Bohol Island State University (BISU)2023/02/272023-02-27 02:19:12
DA No. 022, s. 20233rd Asia Pacific Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (APCMR) and 2nd IOER International Excellence Awards2023/02/272023-02-27 01:51:48
DA No. 021, s. 202326th Youtch Mathematics, Science and Technology (YMSA) Festival2023/02/202023-02-20 03:31:03
DA No. 020, s. 2023Life in the Spirit Seminar2023/02/202023-02-20 02:53:32
DA No. 019, s. 2023Invitation to Davao City Face-to-Face Workshop on Research and Data Analysis2023/02/172023-02-17 06:50:31
DA No. 018, s. 2023Himog’g Huni Original Music Competition2023/02/142023-02-14 05:34:37
DA No. 017, s. 2023International Awards for Most Outstanding Educators, Researchers, Professionals and Humanitarian Advocates2023/02/142023-02-14 03:04:43
DA No. 016, s. 2023PISIKAalaman 20232023/02/132023-02-13 03:32:14
DA No. 015, s. 2023National Training on Technological Trends, Research and Innovations in Education2023/02/062023-02-06 01:12:53
DA No. 014, s. 20234th APAETI Guro Excellence Award 20232023/02/032023-02-03 07:50:51
DA No. 013, s. 2023Asia’s Educators Awards 20232023/02/032023-02-03 07:49:49
DA No. 012, s. 2023Various Competitions Organized by the International Champions in Education, Inc. (ICE)2023/02/032023-02-03 07:48:32
DA No. 011, s. 2023Human Resource Innovations and Solutions, Inc. (HURIS) CSC Accredited Virtual Learning Couses2023/02/032023-02-03 07:47:03
DA No. 010, s. 2023Salindunong Review and Training Center Events and Activities for the Year 20232023/02/032023-02-03 07:42:25
DA No. 009, s. 2023Contextualized NEAP Recognized Training Programs2023/02/032023-02-03 07:41:05
DA No. 008, s. 2023Basic Occupational Safety & Healthy Course2023/02/032023-02-03 07:39:48
DA No. 007, s. 2023Invitation to Attend the 2nd NADTI Summer Sale2023/02/032023-02-03 07:38:20
DA No. 006, s. 2023Bohol DanceSports Camp2023/02/012023-02-01 08:59:56
DA No. 005, s. 2023Meet Your Scientist: Innovating with Engineering Sciences and Technology (Webinar organized by the National Academy …2023/01/312023-01-31 08:10:16
DA No. 004, s. 2023Bayad Center Sapat Dapat Quiz Bee Competition2023/01/232023-01-23 06:21:05
DA No. 003, s. 2023Free Lectures and Coaching on Research Writing2023/01/232023-01-23 02:33:08
DA No. 002, s. 202312th First Lego League Philippines (FELTA Multi-Media Inc.)2023/01/192023-01-19 08:15:04
AdvisoryAdvisory2023/01/132023-01-13 06:03:46
DA No. 001, s. 2023Showing of Franco G. Arce’s Film, Juan Balucas at Ang Bayabas fro the Groundhit Entertainment …2023/01/112023-01-11 02:03:13
DA No. 126, s. 2022Financial Planning Session2022/12/272022-12-27 08:15:52
DA No. 125, s. 2022Basic Occupational Safety Training2022/12/272022-12-27 08:10:11
DA No. 124, s. 2022NEAP-Recognized Programs for School Leaders and Teachers2022/12/272022-12-27 08:05:01
DA No. 123, s. 2022FAPSA National Convergence2022/12/272022-12-27 07:57:23
DA No. 122, s. 2022Educators Professional Development in Service International Training Course2022/12/272022-12-27 07:42:57
DA No. 121, s. 2022Magister Servus NEAP-Recognized Programs for School Heads, School Leaders, Master Teachers and Teachers2022/12/232022-12-23 08:13:55
DA No. 120, s. 2022Financial Literacy Quiz Bee2022/12/232022-12-23 02:45:10
DA No. 119, s. 2022Andam 2023-The University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) Review2022/12/232022-12-23 01:17:02
AdvisoryCall for Application for the 2023 Southeast Asia Youth Leadership Program2022/12/162022-12-16 08:34:07
DA No. 118, s. 2022Advanced Technical Report and Policy Writing In – Depth Training Workshop2022/12/152022-12-15 07:41:59
DA No. 117, s. 2022Call for Papers for Publications in the International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research and Innovation2022/12/152022-12-15 02:31:35
DA No. 116, s. 2022Data Analytics using Rstudio In-depth Training Workshop2022/12/052022-12-05 05:56:15
DA No. 115, s. 2022Hult Prize 2023 on Campus Official Invitation2022/11/292022-11-29 08:35:34
DA No. 114, s. 2022International Virtual Conference and Demo Teaching2022/11/292022-11-29 08:34:35
DA No. 113, s. 2022Huris Leadership Virtual Learning Courses2022/11/292022-11-29 08:33:30
DA No. 112, s. 2022Walkthrough of Thames Flex Programs2022/11/292022-11-29 08:32:25
DA No. 111, s. 2022Stratone Writing Workshops 20232022/11/292022-11-29 08:24:21
DA No. 110, s. 20222022 MSP Region VII Research Congress and Convention (Mathematical Society of the Philippines – Region …2022/11/292022-11-29 07:46:35
DA No. 109, s. 20221st National Education Conference of Teachers2022/11/252022-11-25 05:41:14
DA No. 108, s. 2022Virtual International Research Conference on Sustainable Environment2022/11/242022-11-24 02:32:15
DA No. 107, s. 20225th Young Innovators Program Forum and MOA Signing Ceremony2022/11/172022-11-17 08:21:28
DA No. 106, s. 2022Career Talk for Grade 10 and Grade 12 Students2022/11/142022-11-14 08:06:22
DA No. 105, s. 2022International STEM Olympiad2022/11/142022-11-14 07:43:44
DA No. 104, s. 2022Teaching of Supplemental Godly Values2022/11/142022-11-14 03:10:26
DA No. 103, s. 2022Professional Development Programs and Courses for Teachers and School Leaders2022/11/142022-11-14 03:08:59
DA No. 102, s. 2022Pagsasanay sa Edukasyong Pangkultura (PEP)2022/11/112022-11-11 03:50:50
DA No. 101, s. 2022“Salva Mi” (I Love You, Save Me)2022/11/102022-11-10 06:05:36
DA No. 100, s. 2022Pabatid: Kaukulang CPD Units sa Pagdalo sa Ika-46 Pambansang Kumpereniya sa Sokolohiyang Pilipino2022/11/102022-11-10 05:57:35
DA No. 099, s. 2022Alab ng Lahi National Front2022/11/092022-11-09 07:44:44
DA No. 098, s. 2022Coaching: Raising Performance to the Next Level2022/11/082022-11-08 01:28:44
DA No. 97, s. 2022Vocation Campaign Among the Grade VI, X and XII Students2022/11/022022-11-02 00:54:46
DA No. 96, s. 2022Onsite/Online Exhibition for the National Science and Technology Week 20222022/10/282022-10-28 03:24:44
DA No. 95, s. 2022Junior Chemistry Congress (JCC) 20222022/10/282022-10-28 03:23:22
DA No. 94, s. 202224th International Robot Olympiad2022/10/282022-10-28 03:22:10
DA No. 93, s. 2022Filipino Master Teachers Scholarships on ALS2022/10/252022-10-25 03:43:10
DA No. 92, s. 2022Junior Chemistry Congress 2022-20232022/10/242022-10-24 06:46:30
DA No. 91, s. 2022Regional Sci-Math Battle 2022 for National Science and Technology Week2022/10/242022-10-24 03:14:32
DA No. 90, s. 2022Philippine Math and Science Olympics2022/10/242022-10-24 03:13:05
DA No. 89, s. 2022Arczone NEAP Recognized Professional Development Programs2022/10/212022-10-21 07:36:17
DA No. 88, s. 2022International Academic Book Writeshop Among Educators2022/10/212022-10-21 06:05:56
DA No. 87, s. 2022Fundamentals of Qualitative Research Design, Methods and Data Analysis Using Freeware2022/10/212022-10-21 02:34:07
DA No. 86, s. 2022Seminar-Workshop on Regression Analysis2022/10/212022-10-21 02:32:13
DA No. 85, s. 2022Regional Dialogue on Child Protection2022/10/142022-10-14 01:57:51
DA No. 84, s. 2022Online Workshop for In-Depth Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and Framework Controls2022/10/142022-10-14 01:56:48
DA No. 83, s. 202231st National Conference2022/10/142022-10-14 01:54:56
DA No. 82, s. 2022Red Cross Youth Bohol Assembly Camp 20222022/10/142022-10-14 01:53:47
DA No. 81, s. 2022Executive Education in Leadership Development and Management2022/10/132022-10-13 03:49:12
DA No. 80, s. 2022Information Technology (IT) Scholarships by Passerelles Numeriques Philippines Foundation Inc.2022/10/102022-10-10 07:48:42
DA No. 79, s. 2022Peace Poster Contest of Lions Club International2022/10/102022-10-10 01:22:36
DA No. 78, s. 2022Conversation with Classroom Teachers2022/10/072022-10-07 06:44:47
DA No. 77, s. 20222022 National Physical Education Teachers’ Convention2022/10/042022-10-04 01:41:55
DA No. 76, s. 202210th International Multidisciplinary Research Conference2022/09/302022-09-30 02:19:12
DA No. 75, s. 2022“Be Computer Savy” Short-Term Courses of Holy Name University2022/09/292022-09-29 08:03:29
DA No. 74, s. 2022(In compliance with DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2013, this advisory is issued for the …2022/09/282022-09-28 02:58:26
DA No. 73, s. 2022ASMEPPS Year 3 Contest2022/09/282022-09-28 02:29:26
DA No. 72, s. 2022GeoID Quiz and Earthistic 20222022/09/262022-09-26 08:56:33
DA No. 71, s. 2022PSHS National Competitive Examination (NCE)2022/09/262022-09-26 08:51:53
DA No. 70, s. 2022Hongkong International Science Olympiad Heat Round 20222022/09/262022-09-26 08:50:43
DA No. 69, s. 20222nd International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad (IVMO 2022)2022/09/162022-09-16 02:45:54
DA No. 68, s. 2022Seminar Workshop In Regression Analysis2022/09/142022-09-14 05:28:39
DA No. 67, s. 20222022 Creotec National Make XRobotics Competition (World Invention Intellectual Property Association)2022/09/142022-09-14 00:25:34
DA No. 66, s. 2022Congratulatory Advisory for Kiersten Candice Sy of Cebu City National High School2022/09/142022-09-14 00:23:25
DA No. 65, s. 2022Search for Outstanding Volunteers 20222022/09/122022-09-12 03:07:46
DA No. 64, s. 2022Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement (i.LEAD) and Development Programs2022/09/062022-09-06 09:05:04
DA No. 63, s. 2022NEAP Recognition and CPD Accredited Virtual Training for School Leaders and Teachers2022/09/062022-09-06 09:02:30
DA No. 62, s. 20223-Day Review of Team Erich2022/09/062022-09-06 07:50:53
DA No. 61, s. 2022English Whiz 20222022/09/062022-09-06 07:49:46
DA No. 60, s. 2022Invitation: Machine Learning Using Orange Training Workshop2022/09/052022-09-05 07:10:18
DA No. 59, s. 20221st International Awards for Research and Book Publications2022/09/052022-09-05 02:52:42
DA No. 58, s. 2022Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development (ILEAD) Professional Development Programs2022/09/012022-09-01 08:42:57
DA No. 57, s. 2022International Multidisciplinary Webinar Series for Teachers2022/08/252022-08-25 09:26:42
DA No. 56, s. 2022TANGHAL: The Administration, Leadership and Mentorship Culture And Arts2022/08/252022-08-25 09:24:15
DA No. 55, s. 2022Salinlahi Guro ng Siyensiya: Understanding the Students’ Mental Health2022/08/252022-08-25 09:19:00
DA No. 54, s. 2022VR Platform2022/08/252022-08-25 09:14:38
DA No. 53, s. 202221st Midyear Assembly and Professional Development2022/08/242022-08-24 03:24:25
DA No. 52, s. 20225th Balud Waveinar2022/08/162022-08-16 05:38:06
DA No. 51, s. 202210th Diwang : Sagisag Kultura ng Filipinas Balagtasan Competition2022/08/152022-08-15 08:22:09
DA No. 50, s. 202234th Mathematical Sciences Week2022/08/152022-08-15 07:32:36
DA No. 49, s. 2022National Search for Most Outstanding Educators of the Philippines2022/08/092022-08-09 00:37:46
DA No. 48, s. 2022Essentials of Technical Writing and Web Content Development Virtual Training2022/08/092022-08-09 00:32:05
DA No. 47, s. 2022CARAPE 20222022/08/012022-08-01 08:55:28
DA No. 46, s. 2022Potential Source for the Purchase of Robotics Kit2022/08/012022-08-01 07:53:00
DA No. 45, s. 20221st International Online Conference and Demonstration Teaching Festival2022/08/012022-08-01 06:13:02
DA No. 44, s. 2022Pandaigdigang Webinar-Worksyap sa Araling Panlipunan2022/07/272022-07-27 05:40:07
DA No. 43, s. 2022National Conference on Engaging Families in Education2022/07/052022-07-05 05:46:06
DA No. 42, s. 20222022 Annual Pulse Survey of the Global School Leaders and Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Incorporated2022/07/052022-07-05 05:44:36
DA No. 41, s. 2022International Conference on Professional Learning for Non – Teaching Personnel2022/06/162022-06-16 09:07:15
DA No. 40, s. 2022NEAP – Recognized Virtual Training for School Leaders and Teachers2022/06/162022-06-16 09:04:41
DA No. 39, s. 2022Pacific Intercontinental College (PIC)2022/06/142022-06-14 06:20:59
DA No. 038, s. 2022NAST Webinar for the Month of June 20222022/06/142022-06-14 06:10:06
DA No. 37, s. 20222nd International Passion for Scholarship and Love for Mission (PSALM) Conference2022/06/142022-06-14 03:06:08
DA No. 36, s. 2022RAFI Chu Webinar Invitation “The Cebuano Amidst Wars)2022/06/142022-06-14 03:03:36
DA No. 35, s. 2022Human Resource Analytics In-Depth Training Workshop2022/06/012022-06-01 01:22:05
DA No. 34, s. 2022Gokongwei Brothers Foundation TeachSTEM Scholarship Program2022/05/312022-05-31 08:54:42
DA No. 33, s. 2022Updating of the Professional Development Information System (PDIS) Account & Maximizing the Use of NEAP …2022/05/312022-05-31 03:05:49
DA No. 32, s. 2022Transformative Education Series and International Conference on Basic Education2022/05/312022-05-31 03:03:21
DA No. 31, s. 2022Invitation to 23rd Civitas Asia National Student Conference2022/05/272022-05-27 07:31:17
DA No. 30, s. 2022International Online Conference/ Training of Pandaigdigang Samahan na Nagpapahalaga sa Propesyonal na Paglago, Ink.2022/05/272022-05-27 03:16:46
DA No. 29, s. 2022“Beyond Borders: The Magazine of Global Innovations”2022/05/242022-05-24 00:47:00
DA No. 28, s. 20221st National and International Webinar Module-Based and Video-On-Demand Activities in Teaching, Leadership and Skills Training …2022/05/232022-05-23 07:14:08
DA No. 27, s. 2022Fundamentals of Strategic Planning and Execution Training & Designs & Implementing A Monitoring and Evaluation …2022/05/232022-05-23 07:11:53
DA No. 26, s. 2022International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Studies2022/05/202022-05-20 01:44:25
DA No. 25, s. 20221st International Multidisciplinary Research Conference2022/05/202022-05-20 01:42:59
DA No. 24, s. 20222nd International Research Congress2022/05/202022-05-20 01:41:43
DA No. 23, s. 2022National and International Competitions2022/05/062022-05-06 08:30:12
DA No. 22, s. 2022Invitation to UP Kalinaw Students’ Summit: Lampara II2022/05/052022-05-05 05:01:49
DA No. 21, s. 2022National Gawad Tamaraw: Search for Outstanding Teachers and Master Teachers2022/04/282022-04-28 06:09:31
DA No. 20, s. 2022The Value of Hard Work and Dicipline2022/04/282022-04-28 03:32:42
DA No. 19, s. 2022Invitation for the EEnvestigation 2022: Seeking for Footprints of Future2022/04/202022-04-20 04:40:15
DA No. 18, s. 20221st Virtual International Conference on Innovation and Education2022/04/192022-04-19 03:07:38
DA No. 17, s. 2022Invitation to Participate in Simulan Natin 2022 Visayas Convention: Bato, Kabataan2022/03/302022-03-30 02:13:15
DA No. 016, s. 2022(In compliance with DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2013, this advisory is issued not for …2022/03/282022-03-28 03:09:09
DA No. 015, s. 2022(In compliance with DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2013, this advisory is issued not for …2022/03/282022-03-28 02:59:27
DA No. 014, s. 2022Three-Day International Virtual Conference on Multi-Disciplinary Research and Paper Presentation in Pakistan2022/03/172022-03-17 06:36:25
DA No. 013, s. 2022Magister Servus In – House Training Programs2022/03/172022-03-17 06:33:39
DA No. 012, s. 20222022 Shanghai International Invention and Innovation Exhibition2022/03/102022-03-10 06:17:55
DA No. 011, s. 20222022 World Talk & Authorship: Lecture Series & Publication2022/03/102022-03-10 06:16:30
DA No. 010, s. 2022Pre-Medical Summit2022/03/092022-03-09 05:55:43
DA No. 09, s. 2022Online Training On Bosh for SO1 (Safety Officer 1)2022/02/232022-02-23 01:37:02
DA No. 08, s. 2022Beyond Books Publication Conference and Leadership Summit2022/02/172022-02-17 08:26:34
DA No. 07, s. 2022Data Storytelling and Visualization In-Depth Training Workshop2022/02/172022-02-17 08:25:18
DA No. 06, s. 2022AMPLIFY: Channeling the Youth’s Role in Shaping the PH Political Landscape2022/02/102022-02-10 02:44:59
DA No, 05, s. 20221st International Multidisciplinary Virtual Research Conference2022/02/092022-02-09 04:05:51
DA No. 04, s. 2022International Researchers and Educators Organization Incorporation Virtual International Recognition Programs2022/02/092022-02-09 04:04:20
DA No. 03, s. 2022Center for Human Research and Development Foundation, Inc. Professional Development Programs2022/02/092022-02-09 04:02:15
DA No. 02, s. 2022International Seminar and Training of all Teachers and School Managers in the Context of Innovations2022/02/092022-02-09 04:00:37
DA No. 1, s. 2022SYLS Executive Education in Leadership Development Program2022/01/132022-01-13 08:16:22
DA No. 103, s. 2021Re-Scheduling of On-the-Spot Digital Poster Making Contest2022/01/102022-01-10 06:58:50
DA No. 102, s. 2021Magister Servus 2022 Professional Development Programs for School Leaders and Teachers2021/12/092021-12-09 06:11:58
Advisory2021 Online Christmas Kids Camp Entitled “Christmas House: Here Comes Santa Claus”.2021/12/062021-12-06 05:30:43
AdvisoryPed Xing: Politics 101 Camp2021/12/062021-12-06 05:17:57
DA No. 101, s. 2021Promoting Climate Education + Raffle for Tickets2021/12/012021-12-01 07:21:35
DA No. 100, s. 2021Call to Participate in the COVID-19 Health Literacy Among School Principals in the Philippines Survey2021/11/252021-11-25 04:16:20
DA No. 99, s. 2021Research Fair 20222021/11/242021-11-24 08:49:27
DA No. 98, s. 2021International Seminar-Workshop on Teacher Resilence, Research Advancement, and Student Opportunities in the New Normal2021/11/242021-11-24 08:48:29
DA No. 97, s. 20212021 MSP Region VII Research Congress and Convention (Mathematical Society of the Philippines)2021/11/232021-11-23 01:36:10
DA No. 96, s. 20213rd National Webinar Workshop on Research in Physical Education2021/11/232021-11-23 01:33:56
DA No. 95, s. 2021TRANSMIT 2021: “Pioneering Transport Safety Systems Toward the Better Normal”2021/11/182021-11-18 08:39:28
DA No. 94, s. 202141st Annual General Membership Assembly of BOHECO 12021/11/162021-11-16 08:12:48
DA No. 93, s. 2021Statistical Tools Enablement In-Depth Training Workshop using JASP and Jamovi2021/11/082021-11-08 03:42:49
DA No. 92, s. 2021Series of National Capacity-Building Seminars on Research Writing for Research Consultants from ETCOR Educational Research …2021/11/082021-11-08 03:40:53
DA No. 91, s. 2021Invitation for Research Writing and Statistical Analysis Workshop2021/11/082021-11-08 03:38:33
DA No. 90, s. 2021ETCOR Educational Research Center Submission of Research Articles2021/11/082021-11-08 03:36:48
DA No. 89, s. 2021Voice Care: How To Protect Your Most Important Resource?2021/11/032021-11-03 08:05:54
DA No. 88, s. 2021Brigada Eskwela Beneficiaries from Bohol Public School Teachers and Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BPSTEMPC)2021/10/282021-10-28 06:10:35
DA No. 87, s. 2021Center of Human Resource and Development Foundation, Inc. Professional Development Programs2021/10/222021-10-22 02:25:40
DA No. 86, s. 2021Virtual Workshop on Research, Data Science, Strategic Planning, Design and Implementing A Monitoring and Evaluation …2021/10/212021-10-21 05:51:31
DA No. 85, s. 2021JA Leader’s Summit2021/10/202021-10-20 03:05:19
DA No. 84, s. 2021On-the-Spot Digital Poster Making Contest Invitation2021/10/202021-10-20 03:00:05
DA No. 83, s. 2021ARCZONE Professional Development Programs for Teachers and School Leaders2021/10/182021-10-18 07:05:02
DA No. 82, s. 20213rd International Webinar Marathon on Education2021/10/132021-10-13 04:57:23
DA No. 81, s. 2021Magester Servus Programs2021/10/132021-10-13 04:51:09
DA No. 80, s. 2021National Youth Leadership Award (YLEA) by the Junior Chamber International Philippines Inc.2021/09/282021-09-28 06:10:55
DA No. 79, s. 2021Ligarda: Cultural Mapping a Must for LGUs2021/09/272021-09-27 04:32:07
DA No. 78, s. 202130th National Conference2021/09/272021-09-27 04:29:49
DA No. 77, s. 2021Virtual Workshop on Research, Data Science, Strategic Planning, Design, and Implementing a Monitoring and Evaluation …2021/09/232021-09-23 08:17:51
DA No. 76, s. 20213rd International Research Conference and Presentation2021/09/232021-09-23 08:11:52
DA No. 75, s. 20213rd International Integrated Research Conference and 1st National Convention of Asia Pacific Movement for the …2021/09/232021-09-23 06:24:45
AdvisoryRe: The schedule of virtual rollout on SOMFM per DM No. 806, s. 20212021/09/222021-09-22 22:38:49
DA No. 74, s. 2021Integrity and Mission: The Heart and Soul of Teaching2021/09/222021-09-22 08:36:11
DA No. 73, s. 2021International Seminar-Workshop on Transformational Leadership: Developing A Growth Oriented Workplace Culture2021/09/222021-09-22 08:34:38
DA No. 72, s. 20212nd Free International Webinar Marathon on Education2021/09/172021-09-17 07:37:59
DA No. 71, s. 2021Introduction to Statistical Analysis in Public Health Training Workshop2021/09/172021-09-17 07:36:55
DA No. 70, s. 2021Sipniyan 2021: Into the Realms2021/09/172021-09-17 07:35:35
DA No. 69, s. 2021Invitation for Financial Literacy Forum2021/09/172021-09-17 07:34:10
DA No. 68, s. 2021Center for Human Research and Development Foundation, Inc.2021/09/152021-09-15 04:37:15
DA No. 67, s. 2021Southeast Asian Institute of Educational Training, Inc. Training Program2021/09/152021-09-15 04:34:25
DA No. 66, s. 2021Instabright International Guild of Researchers and Educators, Inc. (IIGRE)2021/09/042021-09-04 00:20:56
DA No. 65, s. 2021ETCOR International Awards for Outstanding Educators and Researchers2021/09/042021-09-04 00:19:09
DA No. 64, s. 2021World Heart Day 2021 Campaign Video Contest2021/09/012021-09-01 03:20:08
DA No. 63, s. 20211st Golden Global Educators and Researchers’ Guild Award2021/08/262021-08-26 01:34:09
DA No. 62, s. 2021Webinar on Baguio as A UNESCO Creative City2021/08/252021-08-25 04:59:44
DA No. 61, s. 20212nd Free International Webinar Marathon on Education2021/08/232021-08-23 08:10:40
DA No. 60, s. 2021Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development Webinar-Workshops2021/08/232021-08-23 08:08:13
DA No. 59, s. 2021Webinar Event by Dr. Carl E. Balita Review Center (CBRC)2021/08/192021-08-19 00:42:31
DA No. 58, s. 2021Panpacific University 1st Tanging Guro Award2021/08/182021-08-18 08:18:22
DA No. 57, s. 2021Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF) Teach STEM Master’s Degree Scholarship Program2021/08/182021-08-18 08:17:03
DA No. 56, s. 2021ARCZone Professional Development Programs for Teachers and School Leaders2021/08/182021-08-18 08:15:26
DA No. 55, s. 2021Time Series and Forecasting Training Workshop2021/08/182021-08-18 08:14:12
DA No. 54, s. 2021Virtual Workshop on Time Series, Technical Writing, Machine Learning, Metaanalysis and Advanced Statistics2021/08/182021-08-18 08:13:10
DA No. 53, s. 20212021 Online Kids Camp2021/08/182021-08-18 06:48:53
DA No. 52, s. 2021Invitation to the Virtual Series on Youth in Action 2021 by The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation …2021/08/162021-08-16 08:13:49
DA No. 51, s. 2021International Seminar and Training of All Teachers and School Managers in the Context of Innovations2021/08/112021-08-11 10:27:15
DA No. 50, s. 2021Institute of Leaders in Education Advancement And Development (ILEAD) Webinar Workshops2021/08/112021-08-11 10:25:35
DA No. 49, s. 2021Invitation-Training-Workshop on Stress and Financial Management: Addressing Concerns During this Crisis2021/08/112021-08-11 07:48:28
DA No. 48, s. 2021National Seminar on Rudiments of Research: From Beginner to Expert2021/08/062021-08-06 07:39:02
DA No. 47, s. 2021Invitation – Training-Workshop on Addressing Mental Health Challenges in the New Normal2021/08/062021-08-06 07:37:20
DA No. 46, s. 2021National Teachers and Employees Cooperative Bank Teachers Savers Account2021/08/032021-08-03 03:03:34
DA No. 45, s. 2021Visayas Economic Conference2021/08/022021-08-02 07:23:29
DA No. 44, s. 2021Invitation for Introduction to Statistical Analysis Using R2021/07/272021-07-27 06:52:19
DA No. 43, s. 202140th National Folk Dance Workshop Virtual Edition and 3rd Indak Pilipinas: Virtual Folkloric Dance Festival2021/07/272021-07-27 03:46:11
DA No. 42, s. 2021NCCA 2022 Competitive Grants Call for Proposals2021/07/232021-07-23 05:33:42
DA No. 41, s. 2021Time Series and Forecasting and Qualitative Data Analysis Using Freeware In-depth Seminar/Training Workshop2021/07/232021-07-23 02:27:10
DA No. 40, s. 2021Extension of Deadline of Submission of Artworks in the Arte-Likhasan Nationwide Arts Competition2021/07/072021-07-07 00:59:20
DA No. 39, s. 2021Invitation to the Online Book Launching of TIGOM2021/06/282021-06-28 08:44:49
DA No. 38, s. 2021Statistical Tools Enablement In-Depth Training Workshop2021/06/242021-06-24 09:31:04
DA No. 37, s. 2021Beyond Webinars: Intensive Capacity Building Programs for School Administrators, Teachers and Parents in the New …2021/06/242021-06-24 09:29:12
DA No. 36, s. 2021Educators’ Congress and Seminar Workshop on Designing Learning Experience2021/06/242021-06-24 09:26:25
DA No. 35, s. 2021Development Academy of the Philippines 2021 Online Training Offerings2021/06/242021-06-24 09:24:12
DA No. 34, s. 2021Invitation to 2021 IYF Online World Camp2021/06/242021-06-24 08:14:01
DA No. 33, s. 2021UNESCO Club Webinar Series 5 on the Theme “Leadership Literacies: Piling Pili, Pinong Pino”2021/06/242021-06-24 03:24:57
DA No. 32, s. 2021Call for Participants to the 2021 National IT Online Bootcamp for Youth with Disabilities2021/06/242021-06-24 03:22:24
DA No. 31, s. 2021Free Virtual Teachers’ Training on Least-Mastered Reading Competencies (Security Bank Foundation, Inc.)2021/06/092021-06-09 10:55:44
DA No. 30, s. 2021International Seminar Workshop on “Recalibrating Distance Education for the Next Normal” and on “Leadership for …2021/06/092021-06-09 10:47:40
DA No. 29, s. 2021International Training on Digital Workplace Leadership: An Online Training Course for Non-Teaching Personnel in an …2021/06/092021-06-09 10:37:02
DA No. 28, s. 2021Free Workshop for Teachers and Principals-Maximizing Trechology in Teaching Araling Panlipunan and Filipino2021/06/072021-06-07 07:59:01
DA No. 27, s. 2021Youth Empowerment Summit with the Theme: “Break Free: Overcoming Your Fears Towards the Great Success”2021/05/282021-05-28 07:46:23
DA No. 26, s. 2021Helpful Articles for Our Educators2021/05/262021-05-26 03:32:13
DA No. 25, s. 2021Asia-Pacific Conference on Research and Education 20212021/05/202021-05-20 03:03:50
DA No. 24, s. 2021Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development2021/05/122021-05-12 06:03:24
DA No. 23, s. 2021National Webinar on Good Governance, Leadership and Management of Education2021/05/122021-05-12 01:04:42
DA No. 22, s. 2021Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development2021/05/112021-05-11 05:01:08
DA No. 21, s. 2021International Seminar Workshop on Basic Education for Better Normal2021/05/042021-05-04 05:30:13
DA No. 20, s. 2021“Project SAGIP Mananaliksik (One-on-One)”2021/04/192021-04-19 08:40:44
DA No. 19, s. 2021“Project SAGIP Mananaliksik (For Everyone)”2021/04/192021-04-19 08:38:09
DA No. 18, s. 2021Online Survey on the Specialization (Subject Area) of Teachers Needed by the Schools Division Office2021/04/152021-04-15 08:24:23
DA No. 017, s. 2021Conduct of Heart Caravan2021/04/132021-04-13 06:05:17
DA No. 16, s. 20213-Day National Online Conference and Demo Teaching Festival2021/04/132021-04-13 01:43:14
DA No. 15, s. 2021Samahan ng Manlilikha ng Sayaw sa Pilipinas, INC.: Webinar Workshop Series2021/04/082021-04-08 01:54:10
DA No. 14, s. 2021Invitation for First Nationwide Quizalize Bee Competition2021/03/192021-03-19 05:37:44
DA No. 13, s. 2021Invitation for Research, Statistics, Education and Management Workshops 20212021/03/172021-03-17 06:16:47
DA No. 12, s. 2021CHRDF Professional Development Programs2021/03/162021-03-16 09:46:31
DA No. 11, s. 2021Breach Response and Cyber Security Workshop2021/03/162021-03-16 09:44:53
DA No. 10, s. 2021Global Peace Education Webinar2021/03/152021-03-15 08:56:19
DA No. 09, s. 2021National Youth Commission (NYC) Youth Development Trends No. 2 Series 20212021/03/122021-03-12 02:24:40
Advisory 10 Feb 16, 2021Gabii sa Kabilin Webinars 102021/02/242021-02-24 09:49:48
Advisory 09 Feb 16, 2021Gabii sa Kabilin Webinars 092021/02/242021-02-24 09:47:53
AdvisoryRequest for Medic Checklist and Form2021/02/172021-02-17 01:00:06
AdvisoryJapanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program for 20212021/02/052021-02-05 05:35:00
AdvisoryRe: 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Curriculum Studies and Instructional Designing (APCCSID)2021/02/052021-02-05 02:27:02
AdvisoryiFIRST (International conFerence Innovative and Responsive Strategies for Teaching) with the theme: “Transliteracy, Interdisciplinarity, and …2021/02/042021-02-04 05:40:54
Advisory5-day Online Seminar-Workshop on Remote Learning through Radio-based Instruction in the New Normal2021/02/042021-02-04 05:34:57
AdvisoryRe: 3rd National Demo-Teaching Festival2021/02/042021-02-04 02:44:07
NoticeNotice Dated 20, 20212021/01/222021-01-22 08:53:35
AdvisoryNational Conference and Webinar Series on Homeroom Program Towards Student Formation2020/12/042020-12-04 03:06:57
AdvisoryInternational Family Conference Entitled “Jesus Centered Life”2020/11/252020-11-25 08:07:11
AdvisoryConduct of Relevant Programs of Youthopia Activition Specialist, Inc.2020/11/232020-11-23 04:03:19
AdvisoryConduct of Relevant Programs of Youthopia Activiation Specialist, Inc.2020/11/132020-11-13 00:28:02
Division AdvisoryStrategic Research and Development Center Inc.2020/10/302020-10-30 06:38:01
NoticeApproved Reclassification of Positions2020/10/292020-10-29 01:57:18
Division AdvisorySwiss IT Academy Inc. Online Training Programs2020/10/222020-10-22 00:22:51
NoticeApproved Reclassification of Positions2020/10/082020-10-08 03:17:50
AdvisoryPLART COMPETITION2020/10/062020-10-06 03:10:15
NoticeNOTICE2020/09/302020-09-30 05:49:53
NOTICENotice2020/09/292020-09-29 04:59:25
Advisory5 Day National Seminar-Workshop on Addressing Mental Health Issues Amaidst COVID-19 Pandemic2020/09/142020-09-14 08:54:55
AdvisoryRing for Peace Initiative2020/09/142020-09-14 08:53:04
NoticeNotice newly promoted2020/09/022020-09-02 07:10:59
NoticeApproved Appointments2020/07/072020-07-07 05:55:04
Resolution No. 001, s. 2020A Resolution Approving the Old Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) of School Year 2019-2020 to …2020/06/182020-06-18 06:47:50
AdvisoryCurriculum Implementation and Learning Management Matrix – Grade 1 to Grade 102020/05/142020-05-14 06:19:11
AdvisoryBrigada Eskwela 2020 Guidelines2020/05/142020-05-14 06:12:21
NoticeNotice for release of Appointment2020/04/062020-04-06 02:58:33
Announcement!Announcement BPSTEMPC’S2020/02/182020-02-18 05:43:48
AdvisoryHNL Training Center2020/01/272020-01-27 03:26:13
Authority to TravelTo attend Capacity Building Seminar for Designated School Property Custodians on Property and Supply Management2019/12/032019-12-03 03:33:50
AdvisoryFor Advisory Only2019/11/282019-11-28 08:11:22
BPFPTABPFPTA Assembly Meeting2019/11/272019-11-27 03:37:57
MemorandumOcular Inspection of Playing Venues, Facilities, Equipment and Billeting Quarters in Preparation for the 1st …2019/10/072019-10-07 01:41:41
MemorandumBDCASS Assist and Officiate the 1st Congressional District Athletic Meet 2019 in Calape, Boho2019/10/072019-10-07 01:37:08
BPFPTA MeetingBPFPTA Meeting2019/09/092019-09-09 05:44:26
BPFPTAOath Taking Ceremony of the BPFPTA Officers 2019-2020 Oath Taking Ceremony of the BPFPTA Officers …2019/08/152019-08-15 08:26:42
Office MemorandumBig Day Clean-up in Adherence of 5s Principles2019/07/242019-07-24 04:57:12
BPFPTAFederate PTA President2019/07/232019-07-23 08:25:36
BPFPTAMoral Welfare Recreation Activity2019/07/232019-07-23 06:43:50
BPFPTALive-in Training on Integrated Vector Management2019/04/162019-04-16 05:14:26
AdvisoryLIST OF UMID CARDHOLDERS (TEACHERS)2019/04/082019-04-08 08:37:57
BPFPTARecollection2019/04/082019-04-08 03:28:40
Advisory No. 02, s. 2019In Compliance with DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2019, this advisory is issued for the …2019/04/032019-04-03 00:42:40
Advisory 01, s. 2019Strategic Research Development Center. Inc.2019/03/112019-03-11 02:58:55
BPFPTABasic Water Search and Rescue Training (WASAR)2019/02/152019-02-15 08:39:21
BPFPTAAssembly Meeting2019/01/222019-01-22 08:18:23
AdvisoryRequirements for UNSHS Grade 7 and Grade 11 Entrants for Ubay National Science High School …2019/01/212019-01-21 04:24:04
BPFPTAMonthly Meeting2018/10/152018-10-15 05:52:52
Office MemorandumSignatory of Acceptance Report2018/09/062018-09-06 09:02:47
MemorandumPlanning Conference BDCASS Members2018/06/192018-06-19 06:27:20
BPFPTAGeneral Assembly Meeting2018/06/192018-06-19 06:16:42
Graduation MessageGraduation Message2018/03/232018-03-23 02:07:10
BPFPTAGeneral Assembly Meeting2018/02/222018-02-22 05:50:30
BPFPTA General MeetingJan 25 Gen Assembly Meeting2018/01/252018-01-25 06:51:20
Travel Order MTOT Batch 4Travel Order MTOT Batch 42018/01/242018-01-24 08:38:34
AdvisoryList of Guidance Counselors for A Meeting & Interview2018/01/222018-01-22 05:25:24
MTOT Travel OrderTravel Order2018/01/192018-01-19 07:14:22
BPFPTAGeneral Assembly Meeting2017/11/222017-11-22 01:51:07
BPFParents Teachers Asso.FPTA Presidents2017/10/182017-10-18 01:41:54
BPFPTAOath Taking2017/09/182017-09-18 08:40:40
AdvisoryAdvisory2017/09/142017-09-14 03:21:14
advisory2017/05/022017-05-02 12:43:59
BPFPTAProvincial PTA Congress2017/03/232017-03-23 07:41:39
BPFPTAFederated PTA Presidents Meeting2017/03/082017-03-08 05:30:46
AdvisoryFinancial Assistance of Presidential Social Fund (PSF) First Batch – First Tranche2016/12/022016-12-02 03:11:06
BPFPTAMonthly Meeting2016/11/032016-11-03 08:21:51
monetization-advisory2016/10/242016-10-24 08:36:34
BPFPTABPFPTA-by-Laws2016/10/192016-10-19 03:46:57
Bohol FPTABPFPTA Monthly Meeting2016/09/162016-09-16 03:55:57
BSP Council Memo. 18, s. 20162016 Patrol/Crew Leaders Training Courses Schedules2016/07/282016-07-28 05:36:53
Bohol Provincial Federated Parents Teachers AssociationChristmas Party2015/12/082015-12-08 07:05:23
AdvisoryRe: Provincial Athletic Meet 20152015/11/172015-11-17 05:16:26
AdvisoryDeadline in the Submission of Financial Claims for Fiscal Year 20152015/11/162015-11-16 01:42:58
AdvisoryNEAP School Heads Development Program: Complete List of Participants2015/10/232015-10-23 02:28:24
Reading Selections for ORVTGrades 7, 8, 9 and 102015/10/152015-10-15 07:55:59
AdvisoryAnnouncement on the Change of Venue on the Conduct of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas …2015/09/142015-09-14 11:05:24
AdvisoryCD II – TEPT-PST Examinees2015/09/092015-09-09 00:31:55
Division AdvisoryRe: Request for Monetization of Leave Credits2015/09/042015-09-04 06:55:12
Matrix of AccountabilityMatrix of Accountability2015/07/152015-07-15 07:55:24