Unnumbered MemorandumICT4Bohol and ICT Infrastructure Activities2021/12/032021-12-03 09:03:03
Unnumbered MemorandumSDO Bohol ICT Convergence2021/11/232021-11-23 09:02:53
Unnumbered MemorandumICT Infrastructure Activities2021/11/192021-11-19 08:22:17
Unnumbered MemorandumPlanning Session for the Upcoming IT Convergence2021/11/182021-11-18 08:40:08
Unnumbered MemorandumInstallation of P2P Network in Tubigon West District2021/11/152021-11-15 01:52:55
Unnumbered MemorandumNotice of Meeting2021/11/122021-11-12 03:35:44
Unnumbered MemorandumInstallation of P2P Network in Tubigon West District2021/11/022021-11-02 06:48:41
Unnumbered MemorandumRequest for Participants to the Validation Workshop on the Policy Revision of Youth for Environment …2021/09/232021-09-23 01:39:57
Unnumbered MemorandumManaging Virtual Classes: Learners Engagement and Ambiance Management2021/09/212021-09-21 07:17:13
Unnumbered MemorandumRescheduling of the Special Meeting for the Assessment of the 3-Day Enhancement Seminar-Workshop on Pedagogy2021/06/152021-06-15 02:46:06
Unnumbered MemorandumRescheduling of the Special and Urgent Meeting to the Proposed Editorial Staff for Project Legacy …2021/06/152021-06-15 02:41:56
Unnumbered MemoInvitation from De La Salle Santiago Zobel School and College Linkquest (CLiQ)2021/06/102021-06-10 08:32:30
Unnumbered MemorandumRescheduling of the Special and Urgent Meeting to the Proposed Editorial Staff for Project Legacy …2021/06/072021-06-07 03:51:02
Unnumbered MemorandumSpecial and Urgent Meeting to the Proposed Editorial Staff for Project Legacy End of Term …2021/06/022021-06-02 07:55:52
Unnumbered MemorandumSpecial Meeting for the Assessment of the 3-Day Enhancement Seminar-Workshop on Pedagogy2021/06/022021-06-02 07:10:38
Unnumbered MemorandumStreamlining of Finance-Related Processes in Compliance to the Ease of Doing Business Act and Efficient …2021/05/262021-05-26 08:40:34
Unnumbered MemorandumRecipients of the ICT Gadget (Huawei Tablets) from DdepEd BLSS-YFD2021/05/112021-05-11 07:15:05
Unnumbered MemorandumAddendum & Corrigendum to DM No. 254, s. 2019 Re: Requirement for the Issuance of …2021/05/072021-05-07 07:26:25
Unnumbered MemorandumNational Orientation on the Philippine Identification System (PHILSYS)2021/04/232021-04-23 08:27:39
Unnumbered MemorandumNotice of Meeting2021/04/162021-04-16 03:28:00
Unnumbered MemorandumSpecial/Urgent Meeting for English Resource Speakers and Facilitators2021/03/302021-03-30 08:56:47
Unnumbered MemorandumRequest for Data on Learners’ Grade for the First Quarter of School Year 2020-20212021/03/182021-03-18 09:33:39
Unnumbered MemorandumVoluntary Financial Assistance to Mary Roneth L. Tadiar, Teacher of Dimiao HS, Vehicular Accident in …2021/03/152021-03-15 06:17:22
Unnumbered MemorandumTask Force ICT Infrastructure Activities for the Month of January2021/01/202021-01-20 02:52:37
MemorandumConduct of 2021 Division Mathematical Investigation and Mathematical Modelling Competition (Secondary Level)2021/01/182021-01-18 06:21:57
MemorandumConduct of 2021 Division Mathematical Investigation and Mathematical Modelling Competition (Elementary Level)2021/01/182021-01-18 06:19:49
Unnumbered MemorandumAn Appeal for Financial Aid to Mrs. Melisa Aurestila-AƱana2021/01/142021-01-14 07:38:06
Unnumbered MemorandumAn Appeal for Financial Aid2020/12/212020-12-21 04:14:06
Unnumbered MemorandumNotice of Meeting and Continuation of the Point to Point Network Installation in Mayor Pablo …2020/12/032020-12-03 08:13:06
Unnumbered MemorandumCorrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 98, s. 2020 Re: Team Building Activity (Mental Health Management …2020/12/032020-12-03 01:28:02
Unnumbered MemorandumInstallation of Point to Multipoint Network in Mayor Pablo O. Lim MHS, Valencia District Multipoint …2020/11/232020-11-23 08:17:54
Unnumbered MemorandumNotice of Meeting2020/11/132020-11-13 00:19:54
Unnumbered MemorandumConduct of Second Quarter Pre-Planning and Review of Youth Formation Activities2020/11/052020-11-05 00:29:08
Unnumbered MemorandumRequest for Financial Assistance2020/10/082020-10-08 06:12:48
Unnumbered MemorandumRequest for Financial Assistance 2020/09/212020-09-21 02:13:34
Unnumbered MemorandumRequest for Financial Assistance2020/09/102020-09-10 05:36:56
MemorandumNotice of Meeting2020/09/032020-09-03 06:45:59
Unnumbered MemorandumTask Force Infrastructure Members Consultative Meeting2020/08/072020-08-07 08:30:40
Unnumbered MemorandumRequest for Attendance of the Technical Working Group Member to A Pre-Work Activity on the …2020/07/062020-07-06 04:34:34
Unnumbered MemorandumPre-Work and Dry-Run Sessions for the Division Re-Echo of the Regional Training on Online Teaching2020/06/252020-06-25 07:19:24
MemorandumNotice of Conference (Face to Face)2020/05/082020-05-08 07:31:38
Unnumbered MemorandumPre-Planning and Review of Youth Formation Programs, Activities and Projects2020/02/202020-02-20 12:57:15
Unnumbered MemorandumGiving of “”Leadership Award” to Graduating Class for this School Year 2019-2020 from the Office …2020/02/192020-02-19 06:47:46
Unnumbered MemorandumKitchen Personnel for the 2020 CVIRAA Meet2020/01/172020-01-17 08:34:23
Unnumbered MemorandumFamily is a Gift Conference2019/11/282019-11-28 08:33:33
Unnumbered MemorandumMarrakesh Treaty Forum2019/11/052019-11-05 02:46:56
Unnumbered MemorandumMaking It Work! Higher Education for Students with Disabilities2019/11/052019-11-05 02:45:30
Unnumbered MemorandumConduct of an Orientation on the School Manual on Discipline and Child Protection2019/08/282019-08-28 02:03:29
Unnumbered MemoCornerstone Christian Leadership & Values Formation Volunteers Training2019/08/062019-08-06 03:22:51
MemorandumPre-Work/Planning Conference on the Division Training Workshop on Rondalla for Public Secondary Schools2019/07/312019-07-31 06:05:08
Unnumbered MemorandumCornerstone Reading Tutorial & Values Formation Volunteers Training2019/07/262019-07-26 05:17:29
Unnumbered MemorandumCornerstone Parenting Values Formation Facilitators Training2019/07/122019-07-12 01:38:22
Unnumbered MemorandumCornerstone Program Implementation for School Year 2019-20202019/06/252019-06-25 01:04:12
Unnumbered MemorandumAuthority to Sign SAL-N2019/01/292019-01-29 08:28:24
Unnumbered MemorandumAdditional Kitchen Personnel for the 2019 CVIRAA Meet2019/01/182019-01-18 01:48:40
MemorandumPlanning Conference in Preparation for the 2018 Regional Festival of Talents (Sining Tanghalan)2018/12/052018-12-05 03:59:18
Unnumbered MemoCornerstone Christmas Program 20182018/12/032018-12-03 00:36:33
Unnumbered MemorandumConference of Approved Research Proponents for 2019 BERF2018/10/222018-10-22 08:17:02
Unnumbered MemorandumAssistance to DepEd City of Naga for the Students and Teachers Affected by the Landslide2018/09/212018-09-21 08:06:26
Unnumbered MemorandumCurriculum Implementation Division (CID) Benchmark Activity2018/07/312018-07-31 03:33:40
Unnumbered MemorandumSeminar-Training on Anti-Trafficking Campaign2018/03/152018-03-15 02:09:29
Unnumbered MemorandumAnti-Illegal Drug Program2018/03/022018-03-02 06:57:33
MemorandumComposition and Activities of the Welcome Socials/Governor’s Night Committee2018/02/212018-02-21 02:37:30
Unnumbered MemorandumCoordination Meeting2018/02/202018-02-20 05:05:33
Unnumbered MemorandumSchedule of Committee Members to Facilitate Distribution of Meals and Snacks During the CVIRAA 20182018/02/192018-02-19 08:49:49
Unnumbered MemorandumDeped-Bohol Teachers Band Practice in Preparation for the CVIRAA Meet 20182018/02/092018-02-09 05:58:10
Unnumbered MemoKitchen Personnel for the 2018 CVIRAA Meet2018/01/212018-01-21 23:42:27
Unnumbered MemoSDO CI Coaches’ Meeting2018/01/172018-01-17 02:01:40
Unnumbered MemorandumRequest for Financial Assistance2017/10/132017-10-13 07:45:08
Unnumbered MemoTeachers’ Dance Troupe2017/10/112017-10-11 08:40:37
Unnumbered Memo.Data Gathering on Cancer (CA) Challenged Personnel2017/09/122017-09-12 03:49:46
Unnumbered MemoConference and Re-Submission of Final Research Proposal2017/09/012017-09-01 02:12:51
Unnumbered MemoConference of Research Proposal Proponents2017/08/182017-08-18 07:16:07
Unnumbered MemorandumAddendum to Division Memorandum No. 341, s. 2017 on The 1st Division Research Workshop and …2017/07/252017-07-25 00:29:04
Unnumbered MemoAn Appeal for Financial Help2017/06/082017-06-08 08:48:49
Unnumbered MemoPlanning Conference for the Division Level Training on Special Education2017/03/302017-03-30 00:48:11
Unnumbered MemorandumPlanning Conference of Committee Members on Beautification for CVIRAA 20172017/01/172017-01-17 02:15:59
Unnumbered MemorandumKitchen Personnel for the 2017 CVIRAA Meet2017/01/122017-01-12 06:48:52
Unnumbered MemorandumUrgent Meeting with the Newly Hired Senior High School Teacher II-TVL Strand2016/11/092016-11-09 08:55:50
Unnumbered MemorandumSchedule of the BPSTEMPC Pre-Membership Seminar2016/11/092016-11-09 07:57:29
Unnumbered MemoAttendance during the Commemorative Mass and Program of the 120th Birth Anniversary of the late …2016/11/022016-11-02 05:07:00
Unnumbered MemorandumConduct of the Skills Enhancement Training and Assessment for Tech-Voc/TVE Teachers in Computer System Servicing …2016/09/302016-09-30 03:17:42
Unnumbered MemorandumSchedule of Teacher’s Methodology Training of Senior High School Teacher -II TVL2016/09/302016-09-30 02:07:34
Unnumbered MemorandumOnline Learning Needs Assessment2016/09/192016-09-19 08:26:41
Unnumbered MemorandumCoordinative Meeting with the Newly HIred Senior High School Teacher -II TVL Strand2016/09/062016-09-06 02:04:52
Unnumbered MemorandumBDCASS Conference2016/09/052016-09-05 08:27:01
Unnumbered MemorandumConduct of Pre-Work Activities in Preparation for the Training of Teachers on Enriching Quality Mathematics …2016/09/022016-09-02 01:16:42
Unnumbered MemoConduct of Pre-Work Activities in Preparation for the Training of Teachers on Contextualization and Enhancing …2016/09/022016-09-02 01:14:02
Unnumbered MemorandumPHL Prudence School-Based DRR Project2016/08/172016-08-17 04:53:38
Unnumbered MemorandumChildren DRRM Group Meeting2016/08/112016-08-11 05:24:47
Unnumbered MemoAdditional List of TVL Teachers/Writers for the Finalization of IPlans for Turo-Turismo2016/07/052016-07-05 09:01:56
Unnumbered MemoDSWD Youth Development Session Training Volume I2016/05/232016-05-23 02:13:49
Unnumbered MemoAdditional Assessors/Evaluators for Kindergarten and Elementary School Teaching I Position Applicants2016/04/202016-04-20 00:58:08
Unnumbered MemorandumOne-Day Work Ethics and Value Enhancement Seminar2016/03/092016-03-09 23:34:05
Unnumbered Memo55th Annual General Assembly2016/03/022016-03-02 05:25:46
Unnumbered MemoRegional Training-Workshop on Contextualizing the Curriculum for Indigenous Peoples Education (IPED)2016/02/192016-02-19 07:15:51
Unnumbered MemoHeat It Medical/Dental and Agri Caravan2016/01/262016-01-26 08:46:41
Unnumbered MemoPartners Forum & Consultation Meeting on Early Warning Systems Development2016/01/262016-01-26 01:27:52
Unnumbered MemoTV White Space Project Focus Group Discussion (FGD)2016/01/252016-01-25 06:09:20
Unnumbered MemoPHL School Based DRR Project2016/01/222016-01-22 03:21:13
Unnumbered MemoAn Appeal from Victims of Food Poisoning for Financial Assistance2016/01/152016-01-15 07:13:42
Unnumbered MemoFinal List of Kitchen Delegation for the 2016 CVIRAA Meet2016/01/132016-01-13 03:23:40
MemorandumMeeting of All BDCASS Meeting and Coaches of 2016 CVIRAA Meet2016/01/082016-01-08 06:23:08
Unnumbered MemoProject Proposal Development Writeshop2015/12/012015-12-01 08:32:35
Unnumbered MemoTraining on Comprehensive School Safety2015/11/102015-11-10 05:21:52
Unnumbered MemoTraining on Radio Programming2015/11/102015-11-10 05:20:43
Unnumbered Memo.Council Management Training (CMT)2015/10/192015-10-19 05:58:56
Unnumbered MemoRequest for the BCASS to Assist & Officiate During the 2nd District Congressional Meet on …2015/10/162015-10-16 08:48:50
Unnumbered MemoRegional Indigenous Peple ( IP) Month Celebration2015/10/122015-10-12 04:00:51
Unnumbered MemoPreliminary Activity for the Three-Day Division Seminar Workshop on Special Education2015/10/092015-10-09 01:08:35
Unnumbered MemoContingency Planning Workshop2015/09/282015-09-28 08:41:01
Unnumbered MemoPre-Work for the Division Training Workshop on Enhancing Pedagogy Skills for Untrained Multigrade Teachers2015/09/172015-09-17 02:24:17
Unnumbered MemoBohol Division Culture, Arts and Sports Specialist (BDCASS) to attend a Meeting2015/08/102015-08-10 08:02:09
Unnumbered MemoCornerstone Program Implementers for School Year 2015-20162015/07/282015-07-28 00:37:17
Unnumbered MemorandunCornerstone Core Group Training2015/07/072015-07-07 07:39:04
Unnumbered MemorandumPost-Disaster Education Recovery Assistance to Teachers & Grade 2 and Grade 3 Pupils of Maribojoc …2015/06/302015-06-30 01:48:06
Unnumbered MemoTLE as Speaker , Member, Training Staff & Support Staff2015/06/262015-06-26 08:36:32
Unnumbered MemorandumSchool DRRM Group Orientation & Hazard, Vulnerability and Capacity Workshop for Teachers and Student Leades2015/06/242015-06-24 01:07:37
Unnumbered MemoOrientation on R.A. 7610 and Other CSC Updates2015/06/192015-06-19 08:15:32
Unnumbered MemoConference of all Bohol Division Culture, Arts and Sports Specialist (BDCASS)2015/06/192015-06-19 03:15:42
Unnumbered MemoFinancial Aid for the Victims of Vehicular Accident2015/06/152015-06-15 03:39:57
Unnumbered MemoFrontline Responders Training2015/05/072015-05-07 06:25:08
Unnumbered Memo1st Cornerstone Summit2015/05/072015-05-07 06:23:39
Unnumbered Memo.An Appeal from San Isidro High School Teacher for Financial Assistance2015/05/072015-05-07 02:53:30
Unnumbered Memo.Division of Bohol Continuous Improvement (CI) Project Presentation2015/04/222015-04-22 01:43:22
Unnumbered Memo.School-Based DRR Project in Selected Schools of Maribojoc & Loon2015/04/172015-04-17 01:07:50
Unnumbered MemorandumAppointment as Congressional Evaluator on Food Security2015/04/142015-04-14 07:04:44
Unnumbered MemoDivision of Bohol Continuous Improvement (CI) Project Presentation (Part 2)2015/03/032015-03-03 07:45:28
Unnumbered MemoDivision of Bohol Continuous Improvement (CI) Project Presentations and Kumustahan Sessions – Part 22015/02/262015-02-26 00:31:54
Unnumbered MemoSubmission of Updated List of Cluster Schools in Your Respective Districts2015/02/202015-02-20 01:19:24
Unnumbered MemoDivision of Bohol Continuous Improvement (CI) Project Presentation and Kumustahan Sessions2015/02/122015-02-12 06:37:40
Unnumbered MemoRe-Orientation of Financial Management of District Bookkeepers for the Implementation of the Division Continuous Improvement …2015/02/052015-02-05 23:52:47
Unnumbered MemoPreparatory Meeting for the 2015 CVRAA Meet2015/02/032015-02-03 03:28:51
Unnumbered MemoSchool-Based DRR Training of Trainers for Teachers2015/02/032015-02-03 01:33:26
Unnumbered MemorandumReview on the DDR Modules of Save the Children and DepED2015/01/272015-01-27 08:40:50
UnnumberedTZU Chi Foundation Thanksgiving Activity.2014/12/092014-12-09 08:54:16
UnnumberedAdvisory for Tropical Storm “Ruby”2014/12/032014-12-03 10:26:06
Unnumbered MemoLive-in Utilizing Adolescent Job Aid (AJA) Manuel2014/11/252014-11-25 10:38:50
UnnumberedCornerstone Program School Coordinators Meeting2014/11/192014-11-19 03:35:58
Unnumbered MemoDisaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Training & Workshop for Teachers and Children’s Roles and Participation in …2014/11/142014-11-14 08:03:59
Unnumbered MemoPosting in all schools the members of Child Protection Committee2014/11/132014-11-13 00:46:13
Unnumbered MemoField Visit for the Development of Disaster Handbook2014/11/072014-11-07 02:09:50
Unnumbered MemoDisaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Project in the Municipalities of Maribojoc & Loon2014/11/072014-11-07 02:05:00