OM-2024-17Designation Order as Laiason Officer to Provincial Capitol Regarding SEF Fund-Goods & Services2024/06/182024-06-18 05:08:48
OM-2024-16Designation Order as Laiason Officer to Provincial Capitol Regarding SEF Fund-Infra2024/06/182024-06-18 05:05:53
OM-2024-15Development of Public Service Continuity Plan2024/06/132024-06-13 08:03:13
OM-2024Attendance to the 126th Philippine Independence Day2024/06/102024-06-10 01:03:13
OM-2024-14Workshop on the Contextualization of Grades 1 to 3 SLM-Based National Learning Camp (NLC) Learning …2024/06/072024-06-07 02:02:47
OM-2024-13Teacher Demonstration during the Division Training of Trainers on MATATAG Curriculum2024/04/192024-04-19 04:13:58
OM-2024-12Attendance to the 82nd Araw ng Kagitingan Commemorative Activity2024/04/052024-04-05 08:36:41
OM-2024-11Postponement of the Commission on Audit Exit Conference for the Audit of Calendar Year (CY) …2024/03/212024-03-21 06:00:40
OM-2024-10Commission on Audit Exit Conference for the Audit of Calendar Year (CY) 20232024/03/152024-03-15 08:39:08
OM-2024-09Participation in the Celebration of the International Day of Action for Rivers2024/03/132024-03-13 09:00:15
OM-2024-08Notice to Convene2024/03/132024-03-13 08:19:44
OM-2024-07Conduct of Onsite Inspection of the CVIRAA 2024 Billeting Quarters of SDO Bohol Delegates and …2024/03/072024-03-07 02:07:50
OM-2024-06Composition of Division Inspectorate Committee2024/02/272024-02-27 07:55:05
OM-2024-05Composition of the Division Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Secretariat2024/02/132024-02-13 02:44:16
OM-2024-04Composition of the Division Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)2024/02/132024-02-13 02:42:26
OM-2024-02Division Training on Higher Order Thinking Skills Professional Learning Packages (HOTS-PLP) for English Teachers2024/02/072024-02-07 08:53:28
OM-2024-001SDO Annual Fiesta for SR. Sto. Niño 20242024/01/182024-01-18 03:43:13
OM-2023-40Revised Composition of Ranking Committee for EPS II2024/01/022024-01-02 04:22:06
OM-2023-39Mechanics and Criteria for SDO Offices Christmas Decoration Contest2023/12/202023-12-20 08:21:15
OM-2023-38Pre-Work for the Workshop on the Preparation of FY 2024 School Operating Budget and Senior …2023/12/132023-12-13 06:27:48
OM-2023-31Assistance in Preparing the Training Workshop for AP Learning Materials Conversion to Interactive Learning Resources2023/12/062023-12-06 08:18:04
OM-2023-37Holy Mass Celebration of the Schools Division Office2023/11/302023-11-30 07:55:07
OM-2023-36Preparation of Project Procurement Management Plans for FY 20242023/10/312023-10-31 08:59:34
OM-2023-35Skeletal Work Force on October 31 and November 3, 20232023/10/272023-10-27 09:13:25
OM-2023-34Orientation-Workshop on the Implementation of Document Tracking System in the Division Office2023/10/272023-10-27 09:11:54
OM-2023-32Designation as School Health and Nutrition Section (SHNS) Officer In-Charge2023/10/252023-10-25 02:37:08
OM-2023-01Reminders Relative to the Conduct of the Division Joint Activity on Gender and Development and …2023/10/062023-10-06 06:06:21
OM-2023-030Austerity Measures on Energy Conservation in SDO2023/10/042023-10-04 02:36:11
OM-2023-029Submission of Approved Memorandum with List of Schools’ Participants with Registration for Deduction on the …2023/10/042023-10-04 01:52:42
IOM-2023-028Full Implementation of SDO Office Restructuring2023/08/302023-08-30 08:07:08
IOM-2023-027Designation as Officer-In-Charge (OIC)2023/08/292023-08-29 06:43:18
OIM-2023-026Coordination Meeting for 2023 National Teachers’ Day Kick Off2023/08/252023-08-25 08:11:19
IOM-2023-025Meeting of Decoration Committee to Finalize Plan for the World Teachers Day Activity2023/08/232023-08-23 08:31:23
IOM-2023-024Oplan Opisina in Consonance to Balik Eskwela Program2023/08/092023-08-09 06:22:08
IOM-2023-023Interview of Applicants for SGOD Chief Positions2023/07/202023-07-20 10:04:45
IOM-2023-022Interview of Applicants for Non-Teaching Position2023/07/202023-07-20 10:03:36
IOM-2023-020Designation for HRMPSB Committee for Selection and Recruitment of SGOD Chief Position2023/07/172023-07-17 08:10:48
IOM-2023-019Designation of Internal Audit Section Officer-In-Charge (OIC)2023/07/172023-07-17 07:52:23
IOM-2023-018Submission of CSC Form 48 (DTR) and Other Documents for Payment of Salaries and Wages2023/07/122023-07-12 00:56:47
OIM-2023-017Designation as Office In Charge2023/07/112023-07-11 01:25:03
IOM-2023-016Addendum to IOM-2023-15 s. 2023 dated June 20, 2023 “GSIS-Bohol Reorientation Meeting”2023/07/032023-07-03 11:44:21
IOM-2023-015GSIS Bohol-Reorientation Meeting2023/06/212023-06-21 08:16:19
OIM-2023-014Coordination Meeting of Division Gender and Development Focal Point System (GAD-GFPS)2023/06/062023-06-06 07:25:24
IOM-2023-013SDO Personnel Monthly Forum2023/05/302023-05-30 02:13:21
IOM-2023-012Submission of Updated Inventory of School Buildings2023/05/222023-05-22 05:53:48
IOM-2023-011Reminder to All SDO Accountable Officers of the CVIRAA Fund Liquidation2023/05/172023-05-17 02:34:50
IOM-2023-010Updates of Designation in the School Health Section2023/05/122023-05-12 06:32:11
IOM-2023-009Mechanics and Criteria for Paper Collage Making2023/03/102023-03-10 05:38:34
IOM-2023-008School Health and Nutrition Section Training and Development Session with Re-Orientation on Food Safety and …2023/03/022023-03-02 05:23:03
IOM-2023-007Provision of Monthly Mobile Load for Selected SDO Personnel2023/02/142023-02-14 03:40:28
IOM-2023-006Composition of the Division Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB) 1st and 2nd …2023/01/202023-01-20 03:16:06
IOM-2023-005Regional Program Implementation Review SY 2022-2023 and Planning Workshop for SY 2022-2023 of the OPLAN …2023/01/172023-01-17 02:52:37
OIM-2023-004Curriculum Implementation Division Conference Cum Pre-Work for CID Year End Assessment and Target Setting2023/01/162023-01-16 05:22:28
OIM-2023-003Significant Changes in the Processes of the School Health and Nutrition Section2023/01/102023-01-10 07:31:44
IOM-2023-002Designation as Officer in Charge (OIC)2023/01/092023-01-09 07:48:15
OM No. 001, s. 2023Conduct of School Validation and Assessment of CY 2024, Supervision, Monitoring and Inspection of all …2023/01/032023-01-03 05:48:39
OM No. 063, s. 2022School Health and Nutrition Section Training and Development Session: Oplan Kalusugan sa DepEd Program Implementation …2022/11/292022-11-29 01:12:29
OM No. 062, s. 2022Designation as Officer In Charge (OIC)2022/11/182022-11-18 06:36:11
OM No. 061, s. 2022Annual Medical Examination as Part of Pandemic Mitigation Measure and Response to Cardiovascular Disease Risk …2022/11/182022-11-18 06:12:58
OM No. 060, s. 2022Urgent Meeting for Senior Bookkeepers of New Implementing Schools2022/11/092022-11-09 07:37:41
OM No. 059, s. 2022Online Collection of OPCRF Score for S.Y. 2021-20222022/10/242022-10-24 05:55:34
OM No. 058, s. 2022School Health and Nutrition Section Training and Development Session – November 07, s. 20222022/10/242022-10-24 03:20:04
DM No. 056, s. 2022The Conduct of Post Qualification Evaluation in Connection to the Procurement of Projects Under CY …2022/10/192022-10-19 23:59:44
OM No. 055, s. 2022Implementation of the Barcode/Web-Based Attendance Capturing System for SDO Personnel2022/10/182022-10-18 05:16:04
OM No. 054, s. 2022Composition of Brigada Eskwela Division Assessors/Validators2022/10/062022-10-06 05:23:51
OM No. 053, s. 2022Alternative Learning System (ALS) Focal Person and Education Program Specialists II Quarterly IPCRF Review Series …2022/10/052022-10-05 01:44:00
OM No. 051, s. 2022Revised Composition of the Division Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB) 1st and …2022/09/222022-09-22 02:22:43
OM No. 050, s. 2022Meeting on Updates to the Modification of Nurse Positions2022/09/202022-09-20 07:10:14
OM No. 049, s. 2022SDO Pinaslakas Vaccination Program – September 16, 20222022/09/132022-09-13 08:16:59
OM No. 048, s. 2022Corrigendum/Addendum to O.M. No. 46, s. 2022 Re: Coordination Meeting for Senior Bookkeepers of New …2022/09/082022-09-08 01:48:42
OM No. 047, s. 2022Prescribing Energy Conservation Measure2022/09/062022-09-06 07:52:53
OM No. 046, s. 2022Coordination Meeting for Senior Bookkeepers of New Implementing Secondary Schools for the Preparation of Bureau …2022/09/012022-09-01 06:45:55
OM No. 045, s. 2022Designation as Officer in Charge (OIC)2022/08/232022-08-23 07:26:43
OM No. 044, s. 2022Strengthening Institutional Capacities of Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (SICAP-BADAC) Training of Trainers2022/08/172022-08-17 07:35:04
OM No. 043, s. 2022PHEDA Course Follow-up Meeting with Coordinators2022/08/172022-08-17 07:32:40
OM No. 042, s. 2022Corrigendum/Addendum to DM No. 0513, s. 2022 RE: Alternative Learning System (ALS) Face to Face …2022/08/162022-08-16 06:32:16
OM No. 041, s. 2022Validation of Assessment Package for ALS Junior High School Level2022/08/162022-08-16 06:13:29
OM No. 40, s. 2022Development Bank of the Philippines’ (DBP) Orientation on Bank’s Modified Disbursement Scheme (MDS) Services to …2022/08/082022-08-08 07:22:29
OM No. 039, s. 2022Designation as Authorized Signatory to the Commission on Audit (COA)2022/08/052022-08-05 01:22:08
OM No. 038, s. 2022Pre-Work on Target Setting of School Heads’ Office Performance Commitment Review Form (OPCRF) for SY …2022/08/022022-08-02 05:40:27
OM No. 037, s. 2022Coordination Meeting for Senior Bookkeepers of New Implementing Secondary Schools2022/08/022022-08-02 00:47:53
OM No. 036, s. 2022Consultation Workshop on the Drafting of the Bohol STI/HIV/AIDS/Ordinance TLF Sexuality Health, and Rights Educators …2022/07/192022-07-19 06:24:21
OM No. 035, s. 2022Sandugo Nursing Conference 20222022/07/192022-07-19 06:21:20
OM No. 034, s. 2022Training on Education in Emergencies (EiE)2022/07/182022-07-18 06:42:05
OM No. 033, s. 2022Regional Webinar/Workshop on the Preparation of FY 2022 Mid-Year Financial Reports2022/07/112022-07-11 08:36:08
OM No. 032, s. 2022Meeting on the Generation, Presentation, and Adjustment of OPCR 2022 and CESPES 2022 1st Semester2022/07/052022-07-05 07:02:41
OM No. 031, s. 2022Coordination Meeting for the Recruitment, Selection and Placement Committee2022/07/052022-07-05 05:32:21
OM No. 30, s. 2022Hosting of the F2F Regional ManCom Meeting2022/06/292022-06-29 08:23:09
OM No. 029, s. 2022Conference of the Division School – Based Feeding Program and Milk Feeding Component Core Group …2022/06/152022-06-15 02:34:48
OM No. 028, s. 2022Reiterating the Prescribed Period of Processing of the Approved Budget Proposal with Menu for at …2022/06/142022-06-14 02:55:08
OM No. 027, s. 2022Briefing and Levelling Off on the Guidelines on the Checking of School Forms2022/06/032022-06-03 01:50:46
OM No. 026, s. 2022Conference of the Oplan Kalusugan sa DepEd (OKD) Focal Persons2022/05/202022-05-20 02:21:38
OM No. 025, s. 2022Conduct of Philippine Youth Convergence 20222022/05/192022-05-19 05:14:15
OM No. 024, s. 2022Functional Units2022/05/182022-05-18 00:56:57
OM No. 023, s. 2022Conference of the Division School-Based Feeding Program and Milk Feeding Component Core Group on May …2022/05/122022-05-12 02:03:27
OM No. 022, s. 2022COA Exit Conference2022/03/212022-03-21 03:22:16
OM No. 021, s. 2022Guidelines for Schools Who are recipients of any Sponsoring Entity for School Building Program2022/03/092022-03-09 08:42:57
OM No. 020, s. 2022Philippine Dental Association (PDA) – Bohol Chapter General Membership Meeting2022/03/072022-03-07 07:09:43
OM No. 019, s. 2022Conference of the Division School-Based Feeding Program and Milk Feeding Component Core Group for the …2022/02/282022-02-28 06:42:56
OM No. 018, s. 2022Actions Required for the Modification of Nurse Positions2022/02/282022-02-28 06:40:32
OM No. 017, s. 2022Orientation of the SSAT Validators in the Implementation of Expanded Face-to-Face2022/02/232022-02-23 03:02:18
OM No. 016, s. 2022Alternative Learning System (ALS) Focal Person and Education Program Specialists II Quarterly IPCRF Review Series …2022/02/222022-02-22 06:10:42
OM No. 015, s. 2022Designation as Authorized Representative to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)2022/02/222022-02-22 06:03:53
OM No. 014, s. 2022Pre-Work for Curriculum Implementation Review Target Setting2022/02/222022-02-22 01:06:44
OM No. 013, s. 2022Evaluation on the Conduct of Enhanced Seminar Workshop on Gender Sensitivity and Differentiated Teaching Strategies …2022/02/182022-02-18 08:05:06
OM No. 011, s. 2022Addendum to Office Memorandum No. 10 s. 2022 Entitled Training Workshop for the Program Launching …2022/02/152022-02-15 05:11:02
OM No. 010, s. 2022Training Workshop for the Program Launching of “KASIKAS” and “DepEd Bohol Official Jingle”2022/02/142022-02-14 03:54:27
OM No. 09, s. 20222021 SDO-OPCRF Submission of MOVs and Accomplishment Reports2022/02/022022-02-02 02:42:36
OM No. 08, s. 2022Quarter 4 Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) Program Implementation Review2022/01/312022-01-31 04:03:34
OM No. 007, s. 2022SDO Sto. Niño Fiesta2022/01/202022-01-20 06:34:48
OM No. 006, s. 2022Composition of the Division Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Secretariat2022/01/192022-01-19 07:22:55
OM No. 005, s. 2022Composition of the Division Bids and Awards Committee – Technical Working Group (BAC-TWG)2022/01/192022-01-19 07:21:21
OM No. 004, s. 2022Composition of the Division Inspectorate Committee2022/01/192022-01-19 07:19:30
OM No. 003, s. 2022Composition of the Division Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)2022/01/192022-01-19 07:18:08
OM No. 002, s. 2022Year End Assessment of Curriculum and Implementation Division Personnel Individual Performance Commitment Review Form (IPCRF)2022/01/032022-01-03 07:21:42
OM No. 001, s. 2022Marideth L. Laron AOII Garcia Hernandez District to hereby directed to report in the Division …2022/01/032022-01-03 02:44:12
OM No. 49, s. 2021Strategic Planning and Synergy Activities of SDO Bohol Finance Services Section Personnel2021/12/102021-12-10 07:19:52
OM No. 48, s. 2021SDO Year-End Review, Evaluation, Developmental Planning and Team Building2021/12/092021-12-09 08:24:20
OM No. 46, s. 2021Schedule of the Workplace Wellness Program2021/12/072021-12-07 07:35:32
OM No. 47, s. 2021Year-End Review and Assessment for IPCR 2021 and Target Setting Workshop for Administrative Service Personnel2021/12/032021-12-03 08:42:08
OM No. 45, s. 2021Adjusting to the New Normal of Conducting Training Virtually: A Facilitation Skills Training for the …2021/11/292021-11-29 05:57:27
OM No. 44, s. 2021Launching of the DepEd Bohol Non-Communicable Diseases Program2021/11/292021-11-29 03:09:28
OM No. 43, s. 2021Quarterly Meeting and Implementation Review of YFD Projects, Programs and Activities (3rd Quarter)2021/11/252021-11-25 04:22:34
Unnumbered Office MemorandumDownloading of Funds to Accountable Officers of Identified Schools for Special Programs and Projects2021/11/092021-11-09 03:19:14
OM No. 42, s. 2021Religious Verse-Sharing Campaign2021/11/092021-11-09 01:50:41
OM No. 41, s. 2021Planning Conference and Workshop of Adopt-A-School Program Technical Working Group on Partnership Engagement & Negotiation …2021/11/052021-11-05 07:28:05
OM No. 40, s. 20212021 PIR and 2022 OPCRF/IPCRF Target Setting Workshop2021/10/282021-10-28 05:59:42
OM No. 39, s. 2021Urgent Submission of Pertinent Documents on the Modification of Nurse Positions2021/10/202021-10-20 02:53:36
OM No. 38, s. 2021Bohol Association of School Paper Advisers Inc.2021/10/182021-10-18 07:21:09
OM No. 37, s. 2021Prescribing Fuel & Energy Conservation Measure2021/10/152021-10-15 08:37:40
OM No. 36, s. 2021Bohol Association of School Paper Advisers Inc. (BASPA) Officers are called for a Meeting2021/10/112021-10-11 05:36:51
OM No. 35, s. 2021Meeting on the Modification of Nurse Positions2021/10/062021-10-06 06:06:50
OM No. 34, s. 2021Composition of Division DepEd TV Channel Remote Teacher-Broadcasters and Production Team for SY 2021-20222021/09/072021-09-07 06:53:42
OM No. 33, s. 2021PRIME HRM – Performance Management System2021/09/012021-09-01 01:29:57
OM No. 32, s. 2021First and Final Presentation and Critiquing of Write-Ups for Project Legacy End of Term Report …2021/08/232021-08-23 07:06:38
OM No. 31, s. 2021Online Training for Selected Schools on Gulayan sa Paaralan Program (GPP) Implementation2021/08/162021-08-16 08:16:19
OM No. 29, s. 2021Coordination Meeting for CSC Prime-HRM Assessment2021/07/122021-07-12 06:54:14
OM No. 30, s. 2021Corrigendum on Health and Wellness Advocacy in the SDO2021/07/122021-07-12 06:47:19
OM No. 28, s. 2021Health and Wellness Advocacy in the SDO2021/07/072021-07-07 07:33:20
OM No. 27, s. 2021Mid-Year Assessment of Curriculum and Implementation Division Individual Performance Review (IPCR) Form2021/07/052021-07-05 04:50:14
OM No. 26, s. 2021Office Memorandum to Additional Assessors/Evaluators for 2021-2022 Ranking for Teachers2021/07/052021-07-05 02:12:03
OM No. 25, s. 2021Orientation Cum Workshop on DepEd RO7 Flagship Project Voice of the Customer Generation2021/06/282021-06-28 07:03:46
OM No. 24, s. 2021Planning Conference for the Division Orientation on the National Adoption and Implementation of the Philippine …2021/06/242021-06-24 07:12:06
OM No. 23, s. 2021Declaration of Skeletal Work Force and Alternative Work Arrangements2021/06/152021-06-15 08:43:46
OM No. 22, s. 2021DepEd Bohol Surveillance Coordinators (DESC) Meeting2021/06/082021-06-08 02:47:55
OM No. 21, s. 2021Oplan Kalusugan sa DepEd (OKD) Focal Persons Meeting2021/06/022021-06-02 03:45:47
OM No. 20, s. 2021Meeting of Division Nurses Assigned to Senior High Schools2021/06/022021-06-02 03:44:08
OM No. 19, s. 2021User Training on PNPKI (Digital Signature)2021/05/242021-05-24 02:08:12
OM No. 18, s. 2021Declaration of Half Day of SDO Office Operations Due to Office Disinfections2021/04/302021-04-30 01:58:47
OM No. 17, s. 2021DepEd Division of Bohol Celebration on Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines2021/04/262021-04-26 05:05:02
OM No. 16, s. 2021School Health and Nutrition Section Training and Development Session2021/04/262021-04-26 03:32:38
OM No. 15, s. 2021School Based Feeding Program (SBFP) with Milk Component Technical Working Group Coordination Meeting & Program …2021/04/192021-04-19 07:52:04
OM No. 14, s. 2021HRMPSB Finalization Assessment of Credentials/Documents for School, Administrators Applicants2021/04/072021-04-07 06:25:14
OM No. 13, s. 2021Transfer of Legal Office to Old PMU Office2021/04/072021-04-07 06:23:08
OM No. 12, s. 2021Agencywide Orientation on Provincial Task Force-End Local Communist Armed Conflict (PTF-ELCAC)2021/04/062021-04-06 05:41:00
OM No. 11, s. 2021School Health and Nutrition Section Coordination Meeting2021/03/292021-03-29 02:17:33
OM No. 10, s. 2021Workshop on Administrative Service Personnel’s IPCRF for Professional Development Planning & 2021 Target Setting and …2021/03/242021-03-24 07:31:42
OM No. 09, s. 2021Workshop on Data Harvesting of SGOD Personnel’s IPCRF for Professional Development Planning Part 1 (2021 …2021/03/222021-03-22 08:48:22
OM No. 08, s. 2021Planning and Target Setting Workshop of 2021 Curriculum and Implementation Division (CID) Individual Performance Review …2021/03/152021-03-15 08:52:44
Office Memorandum No. 7, s. 2021Virtual Consultation Meeting / “Kumustahan” with the Division Federated Officers of the Supreme Student Government …2021/03/032021-03-03 05:20:28
Office Memorandum No. 6, s. 2021Working Committees in Celebration of Women’s Month this March 20212021/02/262021-02-26 07:36:37
Office Memorandum No. 5, s. 2021Virtual Exit Conference for CY 2020 Audit2021/02/242021-02-24 09:51:49
Office MemorandumPre-Work on the Conduct of Parents Teachers Association Positive Discipline Seminar: Parents Teacher Webinar on …2021/02/232021-02-23 00:27:17
Office MemorandumDepEd Order 2, s. 20212021/02/192021-02-19 00:45:04
Office MemorandumReshuffling of ASDSs2021/02/192021-02-19 00:44:00
Office Memo. 03, s. 2021Walkthrough and Simulation of Session Guides on Division Learning and Development (L&D) System Orientation-Workshop2021/02/082021-02-08 00:48:57
Office MemorandumStatus of Implementation by Management of Prior Years’ Audit Recommendation2021/01/292021-01-29 08:19:17
Office Memo. 02, s. 2021SDO Sto. Niño Fiesta2021/01/212021-01-21 02:07:34
Office Memo. 01, s. 2021Meeting of the Division School-Based Feeding Program Technical Working Group2021/01/212021-01-21 01:46:26
Office MemorandumSubmission of Revised Personal Data Sheet2020/11/272020-11-27 06:49:07
Office MemorandumIPCR Review for CY 2020 Performance and IPCR Planning for CY 2021 of Division Office …2020/11/162020-11-16 01:23:29
Office MemorandumComplaint On the Quantity and Quality of Procured/Delivered Goods, Services and Infrastructure Projects2020/10/282020-10-28 01:28:35
Office MemorandumCooperation of DepEd Division Personnel when they Conduct Interview or other Activities in Relation to …2020/10/142020-10-14 08:42:40
Office MemorandumStrict Adherence to Health and Safety Protocols2020/10/142020-10-14 06:27:13
Office MemorandumOrientation of the Newly Reconstituted Inspectorate Team2020/09/292020-09-29 04:55:34
Office MemorandumReconstitution of Inspectorate Team in the Division Office2020/09/282020-09-28 06:49:30
Office MemorandumComposition of Division Teacher-Broadcasters for SY 2020-20212020/09/212020-09-21 02:10:23
OM No. 12, s. 2020Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Activity for SDO Personnel2020/08/242020-08-24 04:38:00
Office MemorandumSubmission of the 1st Quarter Monitoring and Evaluation Reports2020/05/222020-05-22 08:37:09
Office MemorandumNotice of Conference (Face to Face)2020/05/072020-05-07 05:15:34
Office MemorandumAutomatic Alternative Signatories2020/03/122020-03-12 05:20:23
Office MemorandumSDO Weekly Activities in the Observance of the National Women’s Month2020/03/122020-03-12 05:18:01
Office MemorandumStaffing Needs Analysis2020/03/092020-03-09 03:06:46
Office Memorandum2020 Observance of the National Women’s Month2020/03/052020-03-05 08:41:22
Office Memorandum123rd Birth Anniversary of the Late President Carlos P. Garcia2019/10/252019-10-25 05:46:26
Office MemorandumTarget Setting and Professional Advancement Seminar2019/04/102019-04-10 01:37:01
Office MemorandumTarget Setting and Professional Advancement Seminar2019/04/102019-04-10 00:17:47
Office MemorandumBlood Pressure Monitoring2019/03/252019-03-25 08:07:21
Office MemorandumImplementation of the Flexible Working Hours for the Non-Teaching Personnel2019/02/102019-02-10 23:47:32
Office MemorandumUrgent Meeting for the Ratification of the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws2018/12/052018-12-05 08:00:16
Office MemorandumYear-End Assessment and Development Planning Activity of SHS Administrative Support Unit2018/11/212018-11-21 06:40:06
Office MemorandumSeminar-Workshop on the Preparation of Indicative Annual Procurement Plan (APP) FY 20192018/10/082018-10-08 01:59:57
Office MemorandumRefinement and Consolidation of Group Work On Contextualization of Learning Competencies in English and Iplan …2018/10/032018-10-03 00:14:31
Office MemorandumFinalization of the Constitution and By-Laws and Its Registration to the Securities and Exchange Commission …2018/09/172018-09-17 03:15:22
Office MemorandumDrafting of the Constitution and By-Laws of Bohol School Paper Advisers Association2018/08/102018-08-10 02:53:09
Office MemorandumLaunching/Implementation of One Health Week OPLAN KALUSUGAN SA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (OK SA DEPED) and …2018/07/102018-07-10 00:40:25
OFFICE MEMORANDUMDivision Training Workshop on Research Proposal Design2018/03/202018-03-20 06:48:48
Office MemorandumJoint Activity on Environment Conservation and Philippine Civil Service Month Celebrations2017/09/142017-09-14 01:34:46
MEMORANDUMEmergency Conference of all BDCASS Members2017/08/142017-08-14 04:31:40
Office MemorandumDivision Office Personnel Year-End Evaluation & Team Building Acitivity2016/12/132016-12-13 05:03:11
MemorandumFirst BPFPTA Organizational Meeting for SY 2016-20172016/08/162016-08-16 02:07:24
MemorandumCornerstone Program Orientation2016/08/112016-08-11 05:31:38
OFFICE MEMORANDUMPlanning Workshop on Differentiated Instruction & Contextualization in English2016/08/042016-08-04 02:27:10
Office MemorandumCommittee to Formulate the Guidelines on the Direct Release of School MOOE Allocation to Bank …2015/11/232015-11-23 08:49:50
Office MemoFinance Division Year End Meeting and Evaluation2015/11/232015-11-23 08:47:05
Office MemoParticipation in the International Coastal Clean Up and 115th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary Celebration2015/09/092015-09-09 06:06:50
OM No. 10, s. 2015Personnel to Serve as Skeletal Force During the Tree Planting, Coastal Clean-up and Special Treat …2015/09/012015-09-01 06:07:05
OM No. 09, s. 2015Addendum to Office Memorandum No. 008, s. 2015 (Tree Planting and Special Treat for All …2015/09/012015-09-01 06:01:41
Office MemorandumTree Planting and Special Treat for All Schools Division Office Personnel in Celebration of the …2015/08/252015-08-25 01:08:05
OM No. 004, s. 2015Coastal Clean-Up2015/04/272015-04-27 07:16:15
Interview of Applicants for the Created Items due to Approved DepEd Rationalization Plan2015/04/232015-04-23 05:18:25
Office MemoInterview of Applicants for the Created Items due to Approved DepEd Rationalization Plan2015/04/232015-04-23 05:15:56
Office MemoThree (3)-Day Training for Microsoft Education Ambassador2015/02/262015-02-26 00:34:26
Office MemorandumPlanning Conference for the Madrasah Festival2015/02/022015-02-02 07:16:06